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Jesstopia is a nation that was founded on November 14, 1806 and was formed as a new nation by Jesstinian The Great. The Nation was named in honor of the nation's first leader. Jesstopia is well known as the Nation that has the greatest scale of rapid expansion.


Jesstopia was founded and established as a true nation in 1806, by Jesstinian The Great. It was incorporated as a true nation after fighting a civil war commonly known as the Jesstopian-American War. According To The Jesstopian Department Of War And Battles, The Jesstopian-American War was the seventh deadliest war in the world and the eighth deadliest war in history.

The Jesstopians won the battle in 1812 when the United States withdrew troops from Washington D.C's capitol. The United States Of Jesstopia, conceded troops from America, which officially ended the bloodshed. The Country established its own island that was undiscovered until about 1805-06. They Jesstopian People established the island as their own semi-nation. The nation was the formed by building out approximately 4,591 square miles. This took about 59 years to create the countries current size. The country has also been the home of the Earth's greatest and most dangerous mammals, and sea creatures. The Nation drew its first signs of life about 550 Million years ago.


Major Airports

Major Airports Of The U.S.J
Name Code Opened Age
Rufus County Int'l Airport JRCI 08/12/2018

3 Years Old

Towton Int'l Airport JTOW TBA TBD

Airport Statistics

Civil/Commercial Airports

Civil/Commercial Airports
Airport Type No. Of Active Airports Projected No. Of Airports
International Airport(s) 1 10,000+(By End Of 2025)
Municipal Airport(s) 0 5,000+(By End Of 2030)

Military Airports

Military Airports
Branch Total Base Type Base Website
Army 500 Military Base
Navy 50 Naval Yard
Marines 100 Marine Corp Base
Air Force 100 Air Force Base


States In The U.S.J
No State Governor Abreviation
1 New Shire Thomas Cooke NS
2 Mesa Parker Heaton MA
3 Lorray Martin Lorenzo L
4 North Lorray Sam Simon NL
5 South Lorray Thomas Adamshick SL
6 Hilson Trisha Banks HI
7 Cameron Robin O'Keeffe CM
8 Porter Rachel Hopkins PT
9 Jordan David Roberts JN
10 Acacia Robyn Dykes AC
11 Brighton Gina Loakland BN
12 Le Mont Kyle Gorson LM
13 Lisbon Orion Cantolese LB


Today's Currency

The currency that is used in the United States of Jesstopia is the Jesstopian Dollar. The Jesstopian Dollar was not the first currency to be used by the United States of Jesstopia. Jesstopia has had 3 other Currencies, which are outlined in the next section.

Current and Past Currencies

Past Currencies
No. Currency First Used Last Used Use Duration
1st U.S Dollar April 2, 1792 November 14, 1806 14.8 Years
2nd Treasury Bonds November 14, 1806 September 3, 1807 1.2 Years
3rd Gold Bars September 4, 1807 April 6, 1821 13.7
4th Jesstopian Dollar April 6, 1821 N/A Present


The United States Of Jesstopia has a Democratic System of Government which operates like the Government Of The United States of America.

Ultimate Authority

The Ultimate Authority is vested in the Constitution of the United States Of Jesstopia. The U.S.J Supreme Court is also the ultimate authority of Jesstopia as it seeks that laws, policies and actions are constitutional and fall within the powers and authorities of the President and Government.

Heads Of State


The President Of The United States Of Jesstopia plays a major role in the effective operation and safety of the nation. Generally, the President is the only politician in Jesstopia who can establish roles, create executive orders, and enact said orders. The President is the formal national image of the United States Of Jesstopia. The President works alongside the Vice President.

Current President

The current President of the United States Of Jesstopia is John McCallum. He was sworn in as the 2nd President, on November 28, 2020.

Vice President

The Vice President Of The United States Of Jesstopia is the second in command, as he only becomes acting President, following a President's Resignation, Impeachment and Removal From Office or the Acting President's Death. See Famous Presidential Line Of Succession events in Jesstopia.